ScanTracked™ releases its flagship Cloud-based data collection and lookup platform

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The founders of ScanTracked previously developed custom apps for the Warehousing, Transport and Retail industry. Through this, they discovered how different each business processes and requirements were. Despite the variability in processes, the clients were wanting to achieve the same result; capture, store and lookup other ‘reference’ data to pull back and show the user.

The lightbulb moment came while working with a specific local council in the United Kingdom.

The council was simply wanting an app to record when local residents attended the town’s landfill to drop off their garbage. Each resident was entitled to 6 free visits before they would be charged. Andrew, founder of ScanTracked, explains “the council’s requirement was quite simple, and the prerequisite was for it to be cloud based and secure. Despite the simple requirements, the council were quoted thousands of dollars by previous developers to create this app”.

Realizing what the local council required was really just a modified inventory application, Andrew and the team saw the greater opportunity and began developing the ScanTracked platform. This platform allowed businesses to design their own data capture fields and include field types which linked to any existing data they wanted to pull up and show the user. This platform allowed businesses to essentially build their own application. The platform is now being used to develop stocktaking apps, delivery ‘sign on glass’ apps, restaurant customer visits apps and many more types, with all data being stored on the cloud for the users to view, sort and export and even connect to other platforms such as Google Sheets. scantracked screenshot 2 audit mob and webThe two critical elements of the ScanTracked platform are the Form Designer and the Mobile App. The Form Designer is where the user can pick the number of fields, and field types, such as text, numerical, dropdown, checkbox, sign on glass and other fields being added all the time. As soon as the form is designed, the user can log into the Mobile App and the form is available to be used. The user can be scanning barcodes and recording data within seconds of building their app.
The end result is a platform giving the end user control of the app and the ability to make any modifications they want along the way, without the need to engage developers

About ScanTracked
ScanTracked is a SaaS Platform form designing no-code barcode scanning workflow apps. Common applications are Inventory Management, Asset Management, Delivery Sign on Glass, Ticket Attendance Tracking and other applications which involve scanning a barcode and capturing/looking up data.


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