How to Get a Bar Code

barcode selling cartoon low resThere are two ways to get a bar code for your products.

Option 1 - If you need many UPC numbers, or you are going to sell your products through certain major retailers then you should consider leasing one of the large blocks of codes offered by The fees run from about $300 and the GS1 organizations charge renewal fees for their codes every year thereafter. 

Option 2 - The second approach is to purchase UPC codes from a vendor who has surplus codes. There are many companies on the Internet who are selling UPC codes, however you should only purchase UPC codes from a legitimate supplier. The costs to get bar codes from these suppliers is more modest and generally suits the small to medium business well.

Want to get a bar code? We have looked at a number of resellers of bar codes. We are pleased to recommend Bar Codes Talk. This company offers low priced bar codes and the necessary art work. I have used them myself and was amazed at how quickly and easily their automated system generated a unique code. A single bar code is only $5.00.

About Bar Codes Talk, LLC

Bar Codes Talk, Inc. has been in business since 1993 and offers a commitment to excellence, reassurance, and speedy service to all our customers. Mostly anything you need done with bar coding, they can take care of for you. They are family owned and operated with a customer base of over 150,000 companies.

Bar Codes Talk, Inc. offers a variety of file types to choose from including EPS and JPEG.  At set prices, they are a great choice for your bar code artwork needs and will email directly to your printer or you and communicate so that your product will be perfect and you 100% satisfied!

To get a bar code click here and go to


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