Barcode Verification At Your Fingertips by Omron Microscan

Barcode Verification At Your Fingertips by Omron Microscan

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Ensuring perfect labels is as easy as scanning a code. Grab a Omron Microscan LVS Barcode Verifier to check barcode quality on the fly and adjust data structure, design, or print issues before bad codes enter the supply chain. Omron Microscan offers complete verification solutions for ensuring compliance to standards regulated by GS1, ISO, and more. Achieve complete label quality with ease, putting the full power of standards-based barcode verification in your hand.

LVS-9580 Handheld Verifier

lvs9580Barcode verification at your fingertips. The LVS-9580 is a performance mobile handheld solution for offline barcode verification to ISO/IEC standards. Featuring a high-resolution 5.0 megapixel camera, the LVS-9580 provides flexible reading and analysis of linear (1D) barcodes and 2D symbols up to 3.0 in. (76.19 mm) wide and up to 2.25 in. (57.15 mm) high.

LVS-9570 Handheld Verifier

lvs9570Verify all codes on a label with one quick scan. The LVS-9570 is a handheld barcode verifier designed for offline verification of barcodes to ISO/IEC standards. Lightweight to maneuver and featuring omnidirectional verification for 2D symbols and particularly long linear (1D) barcodes up to 8 in. (203.2 mm), the LVS-9570 recognizes multiple symbologies at once, evaluates print quality, and offers detailed analytics through barcode image maps.

 LVS-9510 Desktop Verifier

lvs9510Establish an all-in-one verification station. The LVS-9510 desktop barcode verifier for offline analysis of barcodes to ISO/IEC standards. This all-in-one system is unique in the world of ISO verification thanks to its intuitive design for presenting and verifying labels in a single station. Verify both linear (1D) barcodes and 2D symbols indiscriminately without changing equipment and review image maps of barcode verification results.