Janam Debuts Groundbreaking Self-Credentialing Solutions at INTIX 2020

XT3 and Guardian GT1 deliver the power of

contactless technology to radically change point of access control

NEW YORK – INTIX 2020 – Jan. 22, 2020 – Janam Technologies, a leading provider of rugged mobile computers that capture data and communicate wirelessly,today unveiled next-generation contactless ticketing technology to power the flow of activity where fans, patrons and consumers transition from anonymous to known. The new XT3 rugged touch computer and Guardian GT1 entry pedestal allow individuals to gain access to the enterprise by digitally self-certifying their identity.   

Whether attending a live event, boarding an airplane, riding the subway, picking up a prescription or bringing a child to the emergency room, the customer experience is heavily dependent on how quickly an individual can certify herself. With Janam’s XT3 or GT1, businesses across all industries can deliver a “tap-and-go” experience that moves customers through the identification process quickly, securely and without friction. 


  •   * Powered by Android 9 (with ability to be upgraded to future versions of Android), Janam’s XT3 rugged touch computer offers the same industry-leading form factor and ultra-rugged design as Janam’s best-selling XT2+, but also incorporates the most advanced computer processing, wireless communication and data capture technologies to drive new levels of productivity and efficiency. Android Enterprise Recommended certification guarantees the XT3 meets the most demanding enterprise requirements.
  •   * Guardian is Janam’s new family of access management hardware solutions, and the ultra-versatile GT1 entry pedestal is the first available device in the line. Providing safe, secure and barrier-free entry, GT1 integrates an XT3 rugged touch computer into a compact, fully-featured mobile pedestal to deliver a highly flexible and modular venue entry system for indoor and select outdoor environments. Janam’s GT1 will also support the XT2+.
  •   * Select models of XT2+ and XT3 are the only rugged mobile computers to support both Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) for Apple Wallet and Smart Tap for Google Pay. Individuals can now simply tap their iPhone, Apple Watch or Android-powered smartphone on XT3 or GT1 (with an integrated XT2+ or XT3) and the integrated proximity-based NFC technology automatically pulls the appropriate pass, speeding self-credentialing and enabling businesses in sports, entertainment, healthcare, travel, retail and hospitality to build intimacy with their customers at the point of access.
  •   * Janam’s rugged mobile computers and entry pedestals deliver powerful computing performance, superior barcode scanning, state-of-the-art NFC and proven ruggedness. As a key component of mobile and contactless ticketing systems, Janam’s products enable businesses of all types and sizes to increase patron throughput, eliminate fraud, minimize costs and connect more meaningfully to their customers.
  •   * Standard 2-year warranties for both XT3 and GT1 provide customers with both peace of mind and the level of service they expect, at no additional cost, with optional comprehensive service plans available to those that want to further extend their mobile computing investment. 

“Rather than fight the disruption to barcode scanning that is created by NFC and contactless technology, Janam is embracing it. More people are using Apple Wallet and Google Pay than ever and we are excited for the day that consumers will no longer need to carry unwieldy wallets stuffed with paper tickets, IDs, boarding passes and multiple membership cards and thrilled that Janam is playing an integral role in this evolution.” -Harry B. Lerner, CEO, Janam Technologies


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