Reverse Logistics Workflow Added to Smartphone App

Waltham, MA — November 21, 2019 — CodeREADr Inc., a global leader in enterprise AIDC apps for smartphones and dedicated barcode scanning devices, has today announced the ability to configure its Table Builder service with custom workflows to track reverse logistics events throughout an entire supply chain.reverse logistics codereadr

Using Table Builder, an administrator can easily record, track, and trace the flow of materials in any direction through a supply chain.

Importantly, this can be accomplished not only with dedicated barcode scanning devices but also with smartphones and tablets because not every location has dedicated barcode scanning devices on hand.

Table Builder
Table Builder is one of the latest features launched by the CodeREADr platform. It is a curated service used to build parent tables with child table views. It enables authorized app-users to scan a barcode and answer data-collection prompts as fields within defined tables.

The service is often used for tracking assets needing event-specific child views. Administrators can determine which event information is collected and shown in each child view.

What this means for enterprises is the capability to track item receipts, transfers, and deliveries at any point in the supply chain. The resulting data is merged into a single, cohesive administrative WebView of all events.

Reverse Logistics
While Table Builder has broad application to many business tasks, a newly curated workflow can be used within the reverse logistics supply chain. CodeREADr has laid out instructions in a new guide for reverse logistics best practices.

The service can be configured to collect and share information such as item descriptions, when and where the item has come from, and when and where its intended to go. In addition, the workflow allows authorized app-users to make comments, take photos and capture signatures as records for each event.

As the tracked items move forwards or backwards through the supply chain, authorized app-users can easily view relevant information about the item’s history along with adding their own supplementary data in the reverse logistics process.

Benefits of Table Builder for Reverse Logistics
Using a single barcode, an item can be given a record that is expanded upon at each event in its journey. There is no need to manually link separate records nor use multiple barcodes.

Rather, the administrator receives the status data about each item as it is recorded. These records create a simple log of every event. They are then merged into a parent table giving an overview of every item’s entire journey.

Administrators have full control over what their authorized app-users can see and what they must add to each recorded event.

Low cost, the ability to use smartphones and tablets, and the flexibility in table views sets Table Builder apart from typical reverse logistics applications.

For testing you can freely download the iOS app from the App Store or the Android OS app from Google Play. Contact us if you need an Android APK. Look here for instructions on configuring workflows with Table Builder. For questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About CodeREADr: Since 2009 CodeREADr has offered a cloud-based SaaS platform with integrated mobile apps globally deployed by businesses to their fleet of iOS and Android OS devices.

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