ScanSKU™ is a Barcode Scanning Technology Solutions Provider. We can supply both the hardware and software to allow your business to more accurately scan and track Inventory, Assets or just about anything else.

Our flagship product, the ScanSKU™ ‘M Series’ Android Barcode Scanner is compatible with many 3rd party platforms and apps such as SKU Vault, Odoo (Vector), Top Shelf Scout, Cin7, Fishbowl and ScanPet, among many others.

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We also develop a number of inhouse applications such as stocktaking (with and without wi-fi), order picking, barcode matching and a fully-fledged cloud-based inventory management system. The applications are available to be used as soon as you receive your barcode scanner, so you can be conducting stocktakes or picking stock, straight out of the box.

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ScanSKU M Series Features

 Scanner picking app

  • Android 7 Operating System, Unlocked, so you can run any Android apps from the Google Play Store.
  • Ergonomic hard key, keyboard, not just the touch screen keyboard found on a smartphone
  • Multiple 'Scan' buttons so the user can choose which they'd prefer to use, on the front of the device and on the side.
  • Camera on rear (Great for photographing damaged stock)
  • Built in Barcode Scanner (1D and 1D/2D versions available)
  • Removable Battery
  • Wi-fi, Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Micro SD Slot
  • Multiple Scanner settings such as adding prefixes and suffixes. E.g. to perform a keystroke after scanning, such as TAB or ENTER
  • SDK for integrating into your own apps.
  • Rubber case and hand strap
  • Option add-ones such as a belt clip, forklift/buggy mount and docking station.

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