What Companies Are Hiring? Careers In Bar Codes and RFID - Updated Sept 2020

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Maybe you've had the same job for too long?  Consider a new position! 

The Barcode and RFID industry is a dynamic and exciting place to work.  These technologies continue to grow and penetrate every nook and cranny of businesses all over the world!  Consider a career in a growing industry that adds value to everything it touches.    

This page lists bar code and RFID technology careers that were either submitted to us or that we have come across, and are subject to change without notice. 

We make no representation as to actual availability or consistency with the title and accept no liability whatsoever.  Job seekers must conduct their own due diligence.    This page was updated September 9th, 2020.

AB&R - American Barcode and RFID - Technician and Intern

Brother - Seeking Sales, Tech, UX/UI.

ScanSource.com - (SC, FL, AZ and elsewhere) assorted - finance, marketing, merchandising, sales - https://www.scansource.com/en/careers/job-board

 BlueStarInc.com (KY and worldwide offices) - assorted - business development, sales, warehouse - http://www.bluestarinc.com/nl-de/about-bluestar/careers.html

 Zebra (IL, GA, CA, MO, NY, RI and others) (about 60 openings posted) - https://www.zebra.com/us/en/about-zebra/work/careers.html

GS1 Brussels- http://www.gs1.org/careers

GS1 US - https://gs1uscareers.silkroad.com/

Honeywell, Intermec (world wide - over 3,000 job openings posted)  - http://www.careersathoneywell.com/en/job-search-results/

Motorola Solutions (world wide - over 260 jobs posted) - http://careers.motorolasolutions.com/

 Identiv.com (CA) - http://www.identiv.com/careers

Avery Dennison - https://www.averydennison.com/en/home/about-us/careers.html

TrueCommerce  - Jobs in PA, OH, CO -  https://www.truecommerce.com/resources/truecommerce-supply-chain-ecosystem/careers-new

Sick - A variety of jobs in MN, TX and MA. https://www.sick.com/us/en/careers-at-sick/w/careers-listings/


Does your present company discourage or prohibit sharing salary information?  If so, then this article may be of interest:

Why You Should Tell Your Co-Workers How Much Money You Make https://nyti.ms/2NA0H0E

 "What many workers don’t realize is that it is unlawful for private sector employers to prohibit employees from discussing wages and compensation, and it has been since the National Labor Relations Act was passed in 1935."

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