Industrial Strength Bar Code Labels for Laboratories

cils1Laboratories use bar code labels to keep track of specimen and patient information, so these labels must be durable and able to withstand expose to chemicals and temperatures over a wide range. Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS) provides bar code labels created to company specifications that are manufactured to meet these special requirements. These bar code labels, once placed on tubes, metal plates, or any other surface for laboratory use, can then be placed in infra-red ovens, or be exposed to fuels and oils which cannot harm the labels. Chemicals and solvents will not damage the labels, either, should they come in contact with them. CILS laboratory bar code labels can be used on cryogenic storage containers, tissue and specimen slides, petri dishes, reagent kits, test tubes, and much more. These labels are smudge free, will withstand being submerged in boiling water as well as exposure to caustic and sealing agents. Since laboratory bar code labels are exposed to a variety of chemicals and solvents, CILS makes it a priority to create labels that are durable and will last a long time.

cils2CILS labels are designed to incorporate text, 2D codes, pictures, RFID tags, dates, and much more. These bar code labels can also be created in languages other than English, providing the special characters found in alphabets and pictographic languages such as Chinese and Japanese. Having a bar code label with wording in other languages is important in a global market. Each CILs bar code label comes with full color pre-printing with a company's logo, accompanied with variable data. The bar code types provided by CILS include: Code 128, Code 39, EAN 13, Pharmacode, 2D Datamatrix, and more. Labels are fully tested in CILS labs to ensure high quality without compromising turnaround time in shipping. 

cils3CILS also offers removable bar code labels for reuse in laboratories. The CILS 9100R bar code labels are highly durable yet easily removable even after they are applied to laboratory glassware. Being able to reuse these labels on new glassware to prevent cross-contamination is important in many medical laboratories around the world. As with the other CILS bar code labels, these can be exposed to both high and sub-zero temperatures, oil, chemicals, and any other substances that might prove to be harmful to them. Once a 9100R label is removed from a surface after application, it leaves no residue behind which means less work in cleaning the surfaces of glassware that had previous labels on them. The CILS 9011R removable label can be purchased either blank and printed by computer in house, or be ordered pre-printed by CILS. By using removable labels in a medical laboratory, both time and money can be saved.

Ideal for use in many fields of manufacturing, CILS bar code labels can be printed through using the company's bar code label software, or by CILS bar code and label bureau service. This service will create bar code labels according to specifications using any data format that a company uses, with the company logo in addition to any other special characters required for use on the labels.

Based in Worthing, United Kingdom, CILS also has a American division that is based in Burlington, Massachusetts. The company provides durable labels to meet company needs on a global basis. CILS also provides laboratory label and bar code software for self-designed labels. In addition to the laboratory industry, CILS also provides bar code label solutions for industries and other sectors of healthcare around the world.

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