Webscan Helps to Ensure Barcode Quality.

Webscan-OMNIThe TruCheck Omni Barcode Verifier from Webscan tests both 1D and 2D bar codes, and scans multiple codes at once.

Barcode verifiers test barcode quality. They are used mainly by businesses that print or use barcodes, such as retailers, packaging producers, defense, and pharmaceutical companies.

Verifiers ensure that barcodes meet industry standards, and that any barcode readers in the supply chain can read and interpret the barcodes correctly.

Barcodes represent data about objects to which they are attached, so an unreadable barcode is basically useless.

The way a barcode verifier works is similar to how a barcode reader works, except that it also measures the barcodes, making sure that they can be read easily by a series of different barcode readers.

The TruCheck 2D Omni makes sure that the measurement is repeatable and consistent by controlling distance and illumination during the measurement process.

Webscan, founded in 1995, is a trusted manufacturer of barcode verifiers, and the TruCheck 2D Omni is a prime example of why they have earned that reputation. The TruCheck2D Omni has an unusually large field of view (up to 120mm, or 6 inches, on the extra large option). The large field allows you to test several barcodes at once, on a blister card or shipping label, for example.

Small and large 1D and 2D codes can be tested simultaneously with this unit. The verifier checks the syntax of both 1D and 2D barcodes to ensure they are error-free, and also reveals the content and meaning of any data that follows industry standards (GS1 coupons, pharmaceutical labels, lot numbers, etc).

Another outstanding feature of the TruCheck 2D Omni is its high resolution, creating any size round aperture in order to scan 1D and 2D barcodes, down to 7 mil, with extremely high precision. Instead of halogen white lights that need to be replaced often and need red filters to work correctly in the verifier, the TruCheck Omni uses correct-wavelength red light to evenly illuminate the large field of view, further enabling accurate scanning.

Webscan barcode verifiers are calibrated and fully traceable to NIST standards. The user can calibrate the verifier easily in seconds. Webscan verifiers also meet the requirements of every industry, such as GS1 standards, and they comply with ISO/IEC standards for symbol quality measurement and accuracy. Webscan claims that the TruCheck Omni is capable of meeting both current and future requirements.

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