Cianbro Boosts Productivity, Reduces Development Time by 50% with Mobile Apps by Progress


Construction CraneJanuary 25, 2017

BEDFORD, Mass. -- Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) today announced that Cianbro Construction, one of the largest and most diverse open-shop construction and construction management services companies in the U.S., is leveraging the Telerik® Platform by Progress to rapidly build native mobile apps to maximize its Equipment Management Software (EMS) investment.

Cianbro operates in more than 40 states and 12 markets, and employs nearly 4,000 people. To maintain its reputation for completing projects safely and on schedule, the company chose to implement a new EMS system. However, as Cianbro mapped its implementation, it immediately identified significant gaps in the product’s capabilities—particularly around the warehouse mobility solution. With an implementation deadline looming, Cianbro turned to Progress for a solution to rapidly build mobile apps that would enhance the system with advanced functionality.

“We wanted to be able to handle multiple devices, while still utilizing a skillset that our development team already possessed, and utilizing the Progress solution gave us that,” said Greg Wiers, Application Development Manager at Cianbro. “Having used Telerik DevTools for 12 years to deal with .NET development challenges, it only made sense to leverage the mobile benefits in Telerik Platform to design and deploy a mobile barcode application. We’re likely to see about a 50 percent decrease in development time for mobile applications utilizing Telerik Platform, versus developing directly in native Objective-C development languages.”

Unlike other solutions, developers can leverage Telerik® Platform by Progress to build apps for iOS and Android devices in a single solution. Moreover, Telerik Platform is based on JavaScript and enables developers to leverage their existing skills instead of having to learn new coding methodologies. The use of Telerik Platform enabled Cianbro to vastly decrease the time spent in creating new apps.

In just two months, Cianbro was able to create and deploy a mobile barcode app. The new app enabled users to quickly look up barcodes from their mobile devices instead of having to flip through pages in a binder – turning a tedious task into a simple activity. Workers can simply enter an item name and search for it. The app then presents a barcode they can use with the EMS scanner and an image of the product so they know they’re scanning the correct item.

This barcode catalog development process went so smoothly that Cianbro used Telerik Platform to create an equipment maintenance application in two weeks’ time. The company also has plans to leverage the NativeScript® product for creating additional apps that will further improve business processes.

“Mobility has become increasingly important in the construction sector, with contractors using smartphones, tablets and other portable devices to conduct everything from safety observations to quality checks to financial accounting and reporting,” said Faris Sweis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Developer Tooling, Progress. “Progress provides companies like Cianbro with the tools necessary to stay ahead of the mobility curve, enabling them to quickly design and deploy intuitive apps to automate and grow their business.”

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About Cianbro Construction
Cianbro Construction is a construction and construction management services company that has served clients for more than 60 years. The company operates in more than 40 states and 12 markets across the U.S. For more information, please visit:

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