Paint Mask Bar Code Label Helps Manufacturer Track Assets Through Production


 Asset tracking in manufacturing environments can help reduce labor and cost, plan for proper inventory and identify areas for improvement. However, the bar code labels involved in asset tracking in manufacturing environments must be durable enough to survive in difficult conditions.


Durable: Camcode’s Removable Paint Mask Bar Code Labels withstand general purpose cleaners, mild acids, oil, and water.

Unique: Labels come with a special paint mask designed to remove cleanly after painting, leaving the labels ready to be scanned.

Compatible: Proven to integrate easily with the leading asset management systems.

Accurate: Virtually eliminates errors caused by manual data collection, ensuring accurate information.

Efficient: Tracks products quickly and easily for greater productivity and reduced labor costs.

Cost-Effective: Camcode’s Removable Paint Mask Bar Code Labels pay for themselves in increased productivity and reduced rework.


A window and door manufacturer was looking for a way to track its vinyl windows throughout the entire manufacturing process. Though the manufacturer had some identification in place, there was no window tracking from process to process. Specifically, the manufacturer needed to track the windows moving in and out of the secondary operations, which included a powder/liquid paint application and high temperature cure of up to 375 degrees F.

“We were looking for cradle to grave tracking of products after our secondary coating applications,” a materials manager for the company said.

The tracking method had to withstand the chemicals and high temperatures that the windows came in contact with during the secondary coating process. A search for durable bar code solutions led the window manufacturer to Camcode and the Polyester Paint Mask Bar Code Label. This label comes with a special paint mask film, which is designed to remove cleanly after the painting process, leaving the bar code label ready to be scanned and tracked.

The labels are work well and allow us to track each window through our processes,” the materials manager said. “We are able to streamline our manufacturing and inventory practices thanks to the bar code labels.

About Camcode

Camcode designs and manufactures durable pre-printed bar code labels and customizes services for asset tracking applications. They provide customized services for project management, data management, and asset tracking solutions. Camcode assists in improving the efficiency of asset tracking systems, including increasing data acquisition speed and reducing human error in manual entries. Visit their website to learn more.  Follow Camcode on Twitter: @camcode   or Facebook:

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