Leading Bar Code and RFID Software Developer Provides One-Click Labeling Solution

NiceLabel2Gate Gourmet is the world’s largest independent provider of catering and provisioning services for airlines and railroads. Its Special Meal Section provides passengers with specialized meal options, such as kosher or low fat, that need to be clearly marked with abbreviations so that flight attendants can easily identify them. Gate Gourmet previously used pre-printed stickers on which the chef marked the appropriate check box for easy identification.NiceLabel1

Special meals are increasingly requested and many airline passengers favor them over conventional meals. With the increase in demand, Gate Gourmet was seeking a more efficient, effective, and less time-consuming way of labeling special meals.

In order to improve its labeling process, Gate Gourmet asked NiceLabel's Swiss partner Labeltech AG for a one-click labeling solution. The challenge was to develop a simple data-entry form that shows all the product database entries and allows quick printing in any given quantity for users with limited computer skills. A touch-screen driven printing solution for proper product selection and fast entry of label quantity would be ideal.

Labeltech addressed the challenge by using PowerForms Desktop, which requires no programming. “PowerForms Desktop allowed us to configure the screen and buttons anyway we needed. This way we were able to build an interface to be used on a touch screen delivering the inherent advantage of flexibility as far as user interaction is concerned. The screen is divided into “data entry” and “data viewing/choice” according to requirements. Since there is no fixed or reserved space for a keyboard, literally any kind of combination is possible,” explained Bernhard Keel from Labeltech AG.NiceLabel3

PowerForms Desktop addresses several challenges in the label printing process with the following benefits:

  • Eliminate label printing errors by minimizing manual data entry.
  • Simplify the labeling process with a touchscreen by removing the need for a keyboard and using universal icons.
  • Increase productivity by customizing the application to your specific needs.
  • Utilize all possible data by integrating with production devices and software and outside sources of data.
  • Reduce development time and costs by bypassing the need for programming and utilizing included templates.

About NiceLabel
NiceLabel, established in 1993, provide the following solutions: software for label design, error-free manual printing, automated labeling from other applications, and cloud hosted web printing. In collaboration with its global partner network, NiceLabel provides labeling software solutions for companies of all sizes, across most industries (including Fortune 500 companies), delivering higher supply chain efficiency and data accuracy at lower costs.  NiceLabel is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Oracle Gold Partner and SAP partner.

To find out more about simplifying your label printing process, visit NiceLabel’s website.

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