Extreme RFID at 30,000 PSI and 400 degrees F.

  The RFID Diamond Tags survive not only extreme temperatures and pressure but also impact, vibration, corrosion and abrasives. “Merrick’s new HTHP Tag enables, for the first time, the oil and gas industry to accurately track high‐value drilling assets using RFID, a leading technology for asset tracking widely used across many other industries.” stated Ian Binmore, Merrick’s Director of Drilling  products. “Independent testing by Weatherford, show our new HTHP tags survive sustained extreme conditions including temperature, pressure and vibration. These tags provide a reliable way to trace and manage the costly assets used in drilling and sub‐sea operations, where previously RFID and other identification methods including bar coding and stenciling failed due to destruction of identity markings by extreme heat, pressures, rough handling and chemicals.” Binmore added, “Many industry players consider HTHP RFID a game
changing technology for oil and gas drilling operations. This is the culmination of an R&D effort that utilized the input of many of the industry leaders and we are excited to showcase the results at OTC.”

Merrick’s new HTHP tag will be featured during the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC, Houston, Texas May 3‐6, 2010) as part of the Company’s comprehensive rugged solution for asset tracking. Launched in 2007, the system includes Merrick’s suite of RFID Diamond Tags and rugged readers, along with Merrick’s DynaCap software and its different modules, to track high value oil and gas assets in down‐hole, subsea and surface operations. Merrick’s asset tracking system allows immediate operational access to asset location, use and inspection history, physical properties, preventative maintenance schedule and traceability information required on an asset. System elements are certified for Class1, Div1 and/or Zone1 use.

Merrick Systems is an established market leader in industrial information technology for the oil and gas industry, providing software, electronics and professional services. Addressing production, engineering and asset tracking, Merrick’s integrated applications include production surveillance and optimization; field operations management; field data capture; hydrocarbon production accounting; mobile computing for field and drilling operations and ruggedized RFID for manufacturing and asset management in drilling and harsh environment operations.