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RFID bar codes have continued to grow in their number of applications across the globe, in a myriad of industries and environments.  RFID tags are being used by both private and public companies, as well as government agencies, to track inventory-- animals (either pets or animals raised for slaughter), tools, jewelry, art, books, linens, food products, even gasoline in the pipelines.    

RFID technology has also extended to other uses such as ski passes, ID cards, hotel resort wristbands, or timing for races or triathlons.  The uses for the versatile RFID tag seem to be endless.  If you look hard enough, you will see RFID tags being used in just about any industry, for just about any application imaginable.

Along with the growth in RFID tag applications has come a growth in the number of companies worldwide that are investing in RFID technology, continuing to advance the technology with various frequencies, materials, antennas and sizes.  They continue to expand the types of environments and purposes in which the tags can successfully be used.

While this phenomenon has introduced many benefits and solved many problems, it has made the task of finding the right RFID tag for a specific job a less than simple task.   There are a variety of factors to be considered when choosing the right RFID tag: whether you need a passive or active RFID tag, the size of the tag itself, durability--will the tag need to withstand harsh conditions?  Also, do you need it to track environment conditions such as temperature or humidity?  Will you need to be sure it can resist tampering?  These are just a few considerations, and once you have considered them, you still need to find the right company and the right product based on your criteria.  Does this sound impossible?

Fortunately, a free RFID tag database is available to help RFID users find the right tag for their RFID applications.  It is located at and is the brainchild of Mirco Cadamuro - the General Manager of Veryfields.  With the help of numerous RFID manufacturers, Veryfields has created an RFID tag database of passive, active, semi-passive, and battery assisted passive (BAP) tags, totaling around 1400 tags coming from over 40 different companies.


Visitors to the database can register for free, define the parameters for a search (up to 50 tag characteristics at a time), and then download a PDF with all the info about each product in the database that fits their criteria.   At the present time the RFID tag database contains information on tags that are compliant with:

- UHF passive EPC Class 1 Gen 2 – ISO 18000-6C
- UHF passive ISO 18000-6B
- HF ISO 15693 – ISO 18000-3 Mode 1

- There are also a few HF ISO 14443 products available.

The RFID tag database includes 4 links for each tag: manufacturer website, official datasheet (when available), IC manufacturer website and IC datasheet.

Manufacturers of RFID tags can list their products for free and without limitation in the Veryfields database.  They are encouraged by Veryfields to make the product information as complete as possible in order to help database users to find exactly what they need.

For more information, or to search the RFID tag database, visit

For information about the Veryfields project click here


Written by Erin Thayer 

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