Color RFID Tag Printers for Labels and Identification Cards

RFID tags, color RFID printer, primeraColor RFID printers are perfect for creating RFID tags or cards that are used for identification purposes. Compared to black and white RFID printers, the advantage of a color RFID printer can be used to create RFID tags to code different items used in places such as medical and science laboratories. A color RFID tag that has green and white bars on it, for example, might be used to identify test tubes, while labels that have blue and yellow bars can be used to identify laboratory slides. But laboratories are not the only places color RFID tags or labels can be used. Offices, shipping companies, and department stores also use these labels for quick identification. Color RFID cards may be seen on university campuses, clubs such as the YMCA, and stores wherever rewards cards are used. With RFID tags growing in popularity, color labels and cards add a decorative touch to a code that is used for purposes from security to retail stores.

Primera Technology, Inc has a color RFID label printer, the RX900, that prints high-resolution color RFID tags. This printer is designed to create labels one at a time so that only the desired quantity is made without having to store printed labels. The RX900 model printer has features such as a built-in UHF reader/encoder module that encodes the RFID tag, separate CMYK ink cartridges so that only one needs to be replaced if just one color runs out. Several different types of RFID tag labels are provided with the RX900, which are polyester, water-resistant paper, and polypropylene. Polypropylene color RFID tag labels are especially useful for archival purposes, and water-resistant RFID labels are practical for shipping companies and any place where these labels are exposed to weather conditions.

RFID tags, zebra color rfid printerCompared to the Primera RX900, the Zebra P330 RFID color card printer prints cards used for identification or rewards for individuals. Zebra's color RFID tag printer comes with a built-in Ethernet, UHF Gen 2 encoding, and a USB interface. This printer can print a high volume of RFID color cards, is durable and offers many options for applications usage. These cards are used for everyday purposes such as student identification cards, membership cards, and government licenses. The Zebra P330 RFID color card printer prints durable cards that are created to last long without fading.

Primera Technology, Inc. manufactures label printing equipment including RFID printers, label applicators, and point of sale color printers. The company is based Plymouth, Minnesota and sells their products to over 179 nations. Zebra Technologies has been offering car code and RFID solutions to companies since 1969 and is based in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

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