Case Study: Warehouse Management Streamlined with Bar Code Labels

camcode_foundationsupportworksOmaha-based Building Structure Company Adds bar codes for Durable, Functional Labeling System

Foundation Supportworks, Inc. manufactures and distributes a variety of stabilization supports for building foundations.  The company’s main warehouse, based in Omaha, Nebraska, is the hub of the distribution system.

The Problems: Organizing a Growing Inventory

The warehouse was not operating efficiently. Automation didn’t keep up with the company’s growth, and the result was a lack of organization of items. Orders were difficult to fill, because the necessary parts and equipment were not easily located and processed.

Management’s desire was to implement an automated system at the warehouse to categorize the products. A key to the system would have to be durable, easily-scannable warehouse floor labels. They wanted a vendor with industry-specific experience – not a common combination of product and knowledge.

The Solution: An End-to-End Approach

A market-wide search resulted in several vendors offering either relevant product or industry experience, in varying degrees of efficiency. But one company stood head and shoulders above the others, offering a strong combination of both. Foundation Supportworks selected Camcode for adhesive floor labels, multi-rack labels and retroreflective warehouse signs.

All of the Camcode labels have made an impact on the operations of Foundation Supportworks’ warehouse, especially the adhesive floor labels, according to Bing Behrens, Manager of Logistics and Process Improvement at Foundation Supportworks.  Behrens found the Camcode labels easy to apply, and in exact dimensions for their needs. He was also impressed with the quality of service received.

“Camcode understood our need for human readable code as well as scanning, and they gave us many options in how to provide the means to lay out the warehouse the way I envisioned,” Behrens explained. “The Camcode labels are brilliant, with crystal-clear scans, and can be easily read by humans as well as scanners.”

Benefits: Cost and Time Reduction; Ease of Use; Accuracy; Control

The benefits of the Camcode labels to warehouse operations were many. First, it was cost-effective, as easy installation saved on material and labor expenses. The system saved time, with quicker attachment methods and varied installation options to keep projects on deadline.

The Camcode labels are easy to scan, maintaining the proper angle for optimum scanning and readable at distances of up to 30 feet. Additionally, the readings are accurate, virtually eliminating the errors caused by manual labeling and inventory management. And the process is efficient, as inventory can be located and tracked more quickly for greater productivity. This is an especially important consideration, as Foundation Supportworks ships to 80 locations in North America.


About Camcode Warehouse Management Division

Camcode, founded in 1979, is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company prides itself on start-to-finish asset management project support, including durable asset tags.

Solutions for warehouse asset management include floor label kits, rack labels, long-range retro-reflective bar code labels, returnable container, tote and tray bar code labels, pallet bar code labels and custom warehouse signs. Additionally, software and hardware are available through Camcode-certified partners.


About Foundation Supportworks

Foundation Supportworks, Inc is a Foundation Repair Contractor Network across the United States and Canada helping property owners repair settling, bowing, cracked, and damaged commercial, municipal, and residential foundations.


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