Cold Storage Barcode Labels Enhance Warehouse Management

freezer_barcode labels for cold storageManaging warehouse inventory and assets in extremely cold temperatures has been a challenge for warehouse managers and workers. To meet that challenge, several companies have designed temperature-resistant barcode solutions that can stand the test of time and the freezing conditions found both inside a cold storage facility and in cold weather environments.

Camcode, a Division of Horizons Incorporated, recently introduced new barcode options to its line of warehouse management products. The barcodes will help track assets and automate inventory processes in outdoor and cold storage locations.

Their cold storage rack placard is designed to withstand temps of -40°F, and is crafted of an aluminum backer to prevent the label from freezing and cracking. Their outdoor warehouse durable chock labels are mounted on rubber wheel mobile chocks which are tall enough to avoid being covered by snow.

Freeze-R-Mark™ from Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers labels that can survive a deep freeze. Their gloss-coated plastic labels have an aggressive “Freezer” adhesive featuring excellent initial tack and ultimate bond to flexible packaging and corrugated, even when applied at freezing temps. These barcode labels are also an excellent option for applications where the label is applied to packaging materials at room temp and then subjected to -40°F blast freezing; they also adhere to surfaces with frost or moisture buildup.

RMS Omega Technologies markets barcode labels that stand up to extreme temperatures as well. The company offers a thermal transfer polypropylene label with a cold-temp permanent acrylic adhesive. The material is designed to resist moisture that often occurs from repeated freeze and thaw cycles, and is durable and adheres well to plastic as well as cardboard storage boxes.

A fourth source to check out in comparing rugged barcode labels is LGInternational. The company’s expertise is in forensic and biomedical cold storage, but the label construction is applicable to extreme cold storage warehouses. Their cryogenic barcode labels blend synthetic label materials, adhesives that will withstand cold to -80°F and can be adhered successfully to frozen surfaces with frost present.

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