How to Bar Code a Warehouse - Free book offer

Are you planning on labeling, or bar coding a warehouse?   Dasko Labels is offering a free book on the subject..

Dasko has just released "THE BOOK: Labeling A Warehouse and other Industrial Label Applications".

According to Dasko, The book is a complete reference guide written for label projects for warehouse or industrial automation projects. The guide will help you understand bar code specifications, label and sign materials and creative design solutions that will maximize your system ROI. Included are application pictures, sample designs and a variety of bar codes for test scanning.

Dasko offers THE BOOK free of charge to anyone responsible for labeling warehouse locations, inventory, pallets, totes, work-inprocess, tools or equipment.

Dasko Label is an industry leader and innovator in providing custom printed labels, tags and signs for barcoding warehouse and industrial automation projects. From bar codes to check digits, long distance scanning to cold storage.  

 Contact Dasko for a copy of their free book.

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