Dasko Introduces Duracode Floor Labels for Warehouses

dasko-1Warehouses no longer have to rely upon their computer databases to locate products for shipping to resellers. Through the innovative use of placing bar codes on warehouse floors, Dasko Label has made it easier for warehouses and other industries that make extensive use of floor location for product storage for retrieval and restocking purposes.

Dasko Label provides industrial strength bar code label solutions to businesses that require the identification of floor storage locations. This usually means warehouses and industries that access product routinely must be done quickly and efficiently without any time wasting efforts. What is so appealing about the Duracode Floor Bar Code Labels manufactured by Dasko is that they are designed to be durable and withstand wear over time due to forklift and human traffic. Using bar code labels on floors that can be read by scanners mounted on forklifts make it easy to locate, retrieve, and restock products.

dasko-2Duracode Floor Bar Code Labels come in several different types that are designed to withstand medium or heavy traffic. Industries that get lightweight to moderate traffic can use the Duracode pressure sensitive bar code labels that can easily be attached to a designated spot on the floor where it can be easily read by the forklift's scanner. These bar code labels do not pull off or wear off easily under the wheels of a forklift, or human traffic, whether the floors receive light, medium, or heavy traffic. By being able to locate needed products for shipping or other usage, these bar codes eliminate the need to physically look up the location of a product, such as on a computer. Using scanners that read these bar code labels enables a warehouse or industry to save time and money. For brand new warehouse businesses that want to use state-of-the-art technology, Dasko also provides sample Duracode Floor Bar Code Labels for testing to find out which ones best fit the company's needs before actually ordering them.

dasko-3 Dasko Label has been providing bar code label solutions to warehouses and industries since the 1990's. The company has made it easier for businesses like these to save time and money, and increase overall productivity. Dasko Label can manufacture bar code labels to fit any company's needs, providing durable bar code labels for medium to high traffic floors in warehouses and industries. The company also makes tags and signs for many other industries that includes healthcare, libraries, security, and many others. Dasko Label provides clients with information on the best way to utilize their bar code labels for business, and forklift scanner distance and angles that will work best for scanning their Duracode Floor Bar Code Labels. Dasko also supplies warehouses and industries with bar code signs that are reflective for long distance scanning from a forklift. Signs like there are especially useful in warehouses that have limited lighting and can be hung from the ceiling. These reflective bar code signs can be scanned from a distance of 25 to more than 40 feet away.


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