Weave a barcode? Strico Manufactures Bar Code Labels to Withstand Harsh Environments

Specializing in bar code labels made of aluminum, steel, fabric, canvas, and ceramic, Strico meets the needs for companies that use objects 

strico-webmachine1that require labels that are permanent, will not fade or deteriorate over time or prolonged exposure to harsh storage or working conditions. Their labels will last through deep freezing temperatures, which makes them suitable for use on objects located at research stations in the Antarctic, to temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius. This is the approximate temperature of the earth's mantle, which means that Strico's labels can be attached to machinery used for drilling holes through the ocean floor in order to reach this particular layer of the planet. Neither will their bar code labels will not deteriorate when exposed to chemicals or high temperatures. With durable bar code labels like this, there is a big demand for them for use in industries where machinery and tools must have bar codes to be counted as part of a company's inventory.

strico1Strico's woven polyester labels are perfect for use on garments that require many washings and get more wear than average everyday clothing. Instead of the bar code being printed on a fabric label, the bar code is actually woven into the label. Both black and white threads are woven together on a weaving machine, creating the bar code pattern which is permanent and cannot be worn off. These bar code labels are perfect for use on hospital garments and linens, which must be washed frequently in bleach to meet sanitary standards. These woven bar code labels can also be attached to garments that are designated “dry clean only” and are comfortable since they do not chafe the skin due to their softness. These woven labels can be either sewn onto a garment, or applied using a hot glue gun.

In addition to woven bar code labels, Strico also produces chemically etched, laser engraved,strico2 or kiln fired labels, depending upon a company's label needs. As a producer of bar code labels, Strico provides the right solution to companies that need bar codes manufactured on a material other than paper. Strico also makes wet-slide transfer bar code labels which can be applied to glass, ceramics, or stoneware used for sanitary purposes in hospitals and other businesses that require the use of these materials in frequent washings. These bar code labels are easy to apply, as they are first soaked in water, then placed on the object with pressure applied evenly to the label so that it transfers smoothly.

Factories that use tools and equipment as part of the production process also have Strico's bar code labels on them. A steel vat that is used for chemical mixtures needs to be inventoried just as the products the company manufactures do. A laser engraved or chemically etched bar code label on steel or aluminum which is then attached to a piece of machinery meets the inventory needs of these factories. These bar code labels can be welded or bolted to machinery and tools without any danger of them falling off and being lost.

No matter what sort of exposure these bar code labels withstand, they can still scan perfectly, whether it is the drill used on the ocean floor or an industrial environment that utilizes harsh chemicals. These bar code labels also save a company money as they do not need replacing since they do not wear out.

Strico is based in Fehraltorf, Switzerland and has been manufacturing specialty bar code labels for over 20 years. The company is able to meet the unique bar code label needs for inventory through creating sequentially numbered bar code labels used in manufacturing plants, hospitals, and many other service organizations throughout the world.


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