K-Sun Introduces the Label Shop 2011XLB-PC Label & Bar Code Printer

If you need to have only one bar code label printer for your business, the K-Sun Label Shop 2011XLB-PC label and bar code printer deserves serious consideration.

k-sun barcode label machineK-Sun uses innovative technology in making label and bar code printers, and the Label Shop 2011XLB-PC model is portable, can be hand held, and easily connected to a desktop or laptop computer. This label printer uses durable thermal transfer print technology that allows labels to be designed and created with the push of a few buttons. Company labels can also be created on this printer, using imported symbols and graphics to create unique labels for merchandise purposes when the printer is connected to a PC. Label design functions include the date, time, 8-lines of text, repeat printing, and many more design functions that can be accessed. The labels that K-Sun supplies have an adhesive backing that will remain on any object once they are placed there. The label and bar code printer prints at 180 dpi and uses adhesive tape rolls up to 1” wide.

The K-Sun Label Shop 2011XLB-PC label printer also contains something called PeelGuard, which rounds the corners of labels for custom made bar code labels. Most bar code printers print bar code labels that are either square or rectangular with straight edges, but this particular label printer has a built in device to cut the corners smoothly, making the bar code labels look professional. PeelGuard also prevents the peeling of a label's corners once they are placed upon an object. The K-Sun Label Shop 2011XLB-PC bar code label printer also has a system that eliminates tape waste, will measure the size of each bar code label for accuracy. With PeelGuard, you no longer have to dispose of excess tape in the wastebasket.

bar code labelshop-2011xlb-with-caseThe K-Sun Label Shop 2011XLB-PC label printer has a tape cartridge, a 72-key keyboard, a roll of 1” tape, 6-AA batteries, USB cable, tape cutter, an adjustable locking wrist strap, software, owner's manual, and a black case to carry everything in it. This label and bar code printer is perfect for small businesses that have limited counter space.

ksun-2011xlb-pc bar codeK-Sun has been in business since 1978, manufacturing printers for labels, specialty supplies, and printing cartridges. The company originally produced signage an custom marking and labeling, eventually branching out into proprietary labeling machines. In 1997, K-Sun acquired MaxiSoft, Inc., a company that creates safety and identification software. K-Sun Corporation provides solutions to all types of industrial label and bar code printing needs. The company is also pro-active in electronic waste recycling and received the commitment to Worker Safety Award from Compliance Magazine for their creation of safety and security signs. K-Sun is a national distributor for Brother P-Touch labeling machines. The company also manufactures custom made supplies.  K-Sun offers tech support for product users and continuing reseller sales support.


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