3 Simple Ways that Tablet Technology Benefits Warehouses

warehouse tablet archelonEfficiency and Speed is the name of the game within warehouses, especially in regards to shipping product. Having an effective system in place with the right tools can mean all of the difference between surviving and thriving.  More and more warehouses are implementing tablet technology to their daily operations and the results are amazing.  

Here are 3 simple ways that tablet technology benefits warehouses.

1. WMS integration

The iPad® can be easily integrated or used in conjunction with a warehouse management system (WMS). These systems streamline and automate warehouse processes to improve productivity and profitability, making the iPad® an ideal addition. By leveraging iPad® accessories like durable enclosures, the devices can be mounted on forklifts for receiving and put-away operations as well as carts for carrying out picking orders. Employees can view orders on the system, arrange them in picking order and then send them to a specific iPad® that corresponds to a certain forklift or cart.

2. Data collection

An enclosed iPad® can also serve as a data collection device. Rather than mounting them on forklifts or carts, employees can carry them around the warehouse with convenient handgrips or shoulder straps and use them to scan barcodes. These accessories ensure a damage-free solution so that workers can use these devices in a variety of applications and environments – light to heavy duty and normal to harsh conditions. A commercial-grade frame protects the device from dust, dirt and moisture.

3. Software

Not to mention, iPads® and tablets offer more options than a typical data collection device. Handheld data collection computers usually only allow users to scan barcodes and enter data, with limited software capabilities. Access to the Apple Store™ allows for endless software possibilities on an iPad®.

Apps are ideal for software add-ons or trial runs, especially if you aren’t sure about a certain technology or automation method. From free warehouse management applications to ones costing a mere $40, you can choose from a variety of inexpensive options. If an app doesn’t work out, you can simply delete it from the device. Say goodbye to bad business decisions.


Article courtesy of Archelon Enclosures.  Visit them at www.archelonenclosures.com

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