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vehicle mobile workforce 300x201Field sales and service providers have seen the value in barcode and RFID implementation for years. Take a look at how companies in different verticals manage and support their field teams through the use of mobile computing solutions.      

Four Key Vehicle Computing Must-Haves for Your Mobile Workforce - Mobile workers, those that work in their cars but not drivers by trade, have particular computing needs. Helping mobile employees work productively takes more than a laptop. Here are some suggestions for solutions that address four computing needs, including a tip for barcode readers used by law enforcement.

Inventory Control Using Barcodes at a Durable Medical Equipment Supplier - Family Respiratory, with locations in Maryland and Delaware, must adhere to stringent regulations and rigid accountability. Maintaining a high level of inventory control is critical to its operations. They found a mobile proof of delivery (POD) barcode solution that merges its billing and inventory control practices. Using handheld readers, Family Respiratory has error ratios of .001 or less and has reduced paperwork by 90%.

RFID for Tool Tracking in the Aircraft Industry - Aircraft manufacturers face a challenge when it comes to tracking aviation tools being used in various settings. Tight inventory control for aircraft tools means reduced downtime and lower operating costs. A 40 year-old aircraft manufacturer found the solution to tool inventory control issues lies in embedded RFID tags

Beverage Delivery Company Sees Real Savings in Mobile Barcode Computing - Honeywell's Dolphin 9900 was the answer for the House of LaRose when the sought a solution to its 14 year-old mobile computing system. They soon saw an increase in employee satisfaction and improved customer service as a result of implementing the new mobile barcode computing system. But it was the financial benefits it saw that confirmed the distributor made a good choice.

Examining the Mobile Barcode and RFID Benefits for Field Sales and Service Professionals - Mobile barcode technology has improved field sales and service providers' productivity in a substantial way. From managing on-truck inventory to reducing environmental impact to improving ROI, the infusion of barcode technology offers benefits to companies that serve customers in the field. 


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