RFID Tool Tracking Solution Takes Jet Production to New Heights

RFsense and Xerafy provide an automated RFID tool tracking solution for aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

xerafyRFIDOne of the many ways in which RFID has proved itself quite useful is for tool tracking.  Although we’ve already seen examples of RFID serving in this capacity, it surely makes sense for Embraer, the largest commercial jet manufacturer in the world.  With a 40-year history of designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling more than 5,000 aircrafts, an efficient solution for tool location seems to be a wise step for the company's continued advancement.

RFsense and Xerafy provide the automated tool tracking solution implemented at Embraer.  Xerafy is known worldwide for specializing in RFID-on-metal tags and RFID-in-metal tags.  These on-metal or in-metal tags are designed to be small in size, durable even through extreme conditions, and affordable.  The solution offers wireless tracking so that tools and instruments can be traced.  This saves time in locating tools, and also saves money by preventing loss or theft of tools.

Dennis Khoo, CEO and founder of Xerafy says, “The size of the Xerafy PicoX Tag and capability of the Data Trak to read on- and off-metal tools was a key contribution to the success of tracking the variety of aviation tools.”  He goes on to say,  “RFsense’s RFID expertise, combined with Xerafy's leading technology delivered the solution that Embraer needed.”

Adriano Goes, VP of Engineering at RFsense, states “We designed a complete system for Embraer that provides an automated method of tool check-in/check-out and tool locator to reduce lost and stolen tools and the search time to locate a tool when one does go missing.”

Embraer has experienced multiple benefits due to the fully automated RFID solution, from improving productivity and security, to saving money and time.  Embraers management process for tool inventory has advanced with faster workflow, less paperwork, and fewer data entry errors.

Having experienced such significant paybacks from the automatic tool tracking system, Embraer plans to find use for RFID technology in other areas of the company as well.  It could prove to be the best tool in their toolbox.

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