Barcode and RFID Field Sales & Service Solutions

Mobile team members are empowered by having access to information as if they were in the office, enabling them to make efficient and accurate decisions.  The convergence of traditional rugged mobile data collection devices and the capabilities of the Worldwide Area Network (WAN) have brought the office to the field.

Field Service & Sales Solutions

  • Field technicians, healthcare professionals, field sales teams, and first responders can now be equipped with the mobility tools that will allow them to respond quickly and accurately
  • Field sales allow real time invoicing and inventory management
  • Drivers can transmit and receive warehouse inventory levels while on the road
  • Maintain accurate on-truck inventory
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capable for accurate, up-to-date pricing

Mobility Eco-Savings Benefits

In these turbulent economic times there is something your business can do immediately to improve its financial performance while at the same time improving your efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

GPS Return on Investment

There are two main areas where a fleet can benefit from deploying GPS navigation solutions . These are: using less fuel and reclaiming unproductive driving time. Here, we’ll look at how you can show these savings as concrete numbers and then combine them to make a very persuasive case for GPS.

Cost Benefits of Mobile Printing

Organizations can reduce their supply costs alone by more than 55 percent by using compact thermal receipts and invoices instead of three-part forms. Many organizations that continue to use impact printing technology do so because of reluctance to change legacy operations, or because of misperceptions about thermal printing capabilities.

Field Service & Sales Software Example:

Important Job Information

Important Job Information

Field Service and Sales software allows you to view key job information instantly. CEOs can view company time, work orders and inventory. Business managers can oversee business in the field as it happens. Managers can see back-end statistics, such as top salesperson, top customers and top selling products.
Real Time Access to Work Orders

Work Orders

The home office creates the work order using their existing software or a Field Service and Sales software's web based portal. Technicians in the field can synchronize their device and receive the new work order. The technicians can accept or decline the work order sending an instant notification to the home office.
Real Time Access to Customer Records

Real-Time Status Updates

Job status notifications are updated as the job is started, stalled or completed. The digital signature capture confirms that the job has been completed and the customer has approved. Email confirmation, including invoicing or receipt information, is instantly emailed to the customer or can be printed on site with optional mobile printer.
Real Time Access to Customer Records

Signature Capture

The signature can be placed on the receipt that is emailed to the customer, confirming the order. If the service person upsells the customer, the signature will verify that the customer approved the additional charges.