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rfid_blue_purp RFID (radio-frequency identification) is constantly being applied in new and exciting ways.  You'll find RFID in parking garages, oil pipelines, food delivery systems, animal tracking solutions, libraries, hotels, apparel and jewelry stores, and more. These are links to some of our most popular articles about RFID.

RFID Basics

How Not to Install RFID

Finding the Right RFID Manufacturer for your RFID Hardware

RFID News Stories (list)

Best Practices for a Successful RFID Installation

Resources for RFID Decisions

World’s Largest RFID Tag Database Helps users find what they need.

RFID Solutions

RFID Products

Color RFID Tag Printers for Labels and Identification Cards

RFID Readers: What You Need to Know

RFID Implementations

RFID Used Very Effectively to Track Weapons During Annual Show

Device Identification By Pressing One button - Across 50 Construction Sites

City Recycling Increases 260% due to RFID Tracking

Live Forever with RFID Technology

Wash This: Washable RFID Technology for Hotel Linen and Uniform Tracking

RFID Tags and RFID Readers For Improved Hotel Inventory Control

RFID Tracking Prevents Patient Misidentification in Hospitals

RFID for Car Dealerships

RFID Breaks into the Art World

RFID Tags Are Off to the Races

RFID for Your Jewelry Store

RFID: It's Not Rocket Science- Or is it?

RFID Rewards Bike Commuting via Dero ZAP

Advances in RFID Tracking for Meatpackers

RFID Improves Point of Sale for American Apparel Stores - Video Feature

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