Enhanced Warehouse Management Solutions

The power of real-time data in the warehouse minimizes the time spent on every task, while providing crosschecks for accuracy at every step of every procedure.  The typical enhanced warehouse mobility solution often achieves a 30 percent or greater increase in overall productivity.  And,  while mobility unlocks clear benefits for the individual functions throughout the warehouse, its value extends well beyond the warehouse. The real-time visibility of inventory enables proactive management and scheduling of goods.

Receiving and Put-Away: Inventory visibility at the moment of arrival

  • Yard and transportation scheduling can be optimally managed.
  • Receiving, put-away and cross-dock processes are streamlined.
  • Inventory is instantly visible across your business systems.
  • Dock-to-stock cycle times are reduced.
  • Congestion at the dock door is eliminated — the same staff can handle more shipments in less time.
  • Inventory is available more rapidly and is stored in the right location, promptly available for either order fulfillment or production line replenishment — eliminating delays in order processing as well as costly production line shut-downs due when materials are misplaced in the warehouse.
  • Error-proofing measures are applied to processes, eliminating costly out-of-stocks due to errors in processing incoming shipments — and the associated impact on your production line and lost sales.

Replenishment: Keep production lines up and running

  • The efficiency of your replenishment processes is greatly increased.
  • The right materials are delivered in a timely fashion, providing protection against costly shutdowns of your production line or delays in processing of orders.
  • The right materials are selected, ensuring that older stock is utilized first.

Picking: Faster and error-free order fulfillment

  • Productivity is dramatically increased — the same staff can now fulfill more orders per day.
  • Workers no longer need to search through the aisles for products or complete time consuming manual paperwork. And pick processes are no longer linear since orders can be now be batched together for more efficient picking.
  • Accuracy is greatly improved, ensuring selection of the right product.
  • Customer orders are always correct, improving customer service and satisfaction, and eliminating costly returns when the wrong item is shipped.
  • The new level of granularity in picking instructions enables FIFO/LIFO picking for better inventory management.
  • Out-of-stocks are sent in real time for immediate replenishment, eliminating the cost associated with incomplete picks.
  • Integration with your warehouse management system provides the real-time inventory visibility for your purchasing function, ensuring that product low in stock is promptly noted and orders placed in a timely fashion to eliminate stock-outs — and lost sales.

Packing: Reduce packing materials — and costs


  • Productivity is dramatically increased — the same staff can now pack more orders per day.
  • Order verification takes place in seconds, and the selection of the right carton size enables rapid packing.
  • Improved accuracy of shipments eliminates the costs associated with re-ships — also improving customer satisfaction.
  • The right packing materials are always available, ensuring rapid packing.
  • Packing material costs are reduced —the right size carton is always selected, eliminating the need to use excessive amounts of filler.

Shipping: Deliver more shipments in less time


  • Productivity is increased — the same staff can now ship more orders per day.
  • Shipping times are improved — the same staff can now ship more orders per day.
  • Delivery times are improved.
  • Customer service and satisfaction are improved — customers receive orders when promised, promoting higher customer retention levels.
  • Vehicle utilization is improved — trucks are fully loaded with the right shipments.
  • Driver productivity is increased — staging in the correct order enables drivers to spend less time at each stop.


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