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Yellowknife Airport

Yellowknife Airport is the busiest airport in northern Canada. Located in the Northwest Territories, 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle, the airport exists in a frigid climate with January averages of -27 °F (-33 °C), and record lows of -71 °F (-57.2 °C).

Yellowknife Airport (YZF) needed an efficient solution for hands-free shuttle and maintenance vehicle access. Shuttle drivers needed to be able to attend to customers quickly and efficiently, without having to fumble with a paper ticket revenue system. The solution would need to be reliable in spite of the freezing temperatures.

An RFID solution integrating TagMaster products with the ACTS Essential access control system and Magnetic barriers proved to be the right answer to the airport's problem.

ACTS (Access Control Tracking System) Essential, powered by ArmID, is an embedded RFID access control software that allows the customer to add vehicles, activate RFID tags, deactivate lost or stolen RFID tags, remotely open gates, manage access schedules, and generate reports. This can all be performed from any standard web browser, thanks to a web-enabled, user-friendly interface.

The TagMaster RFID system, provided by Trafco Canada, allows repeat airport customers driving shuttles hands-free access and automatic entry to pickup lanes.

“The robust TagMaster RFID products, along with the superior customer service provided by TagMaster North America, make this one of the best long-range RFID access control solutions on the market today,” said Trafco Sales Manager, Kevin Shoults. “You set it up and it works, rain or shine, or in Yellowknife’s case, cold or colder.”

Trafco completed installation in the summer of 2011.

About TagMaster

TagMaster North America, Inc. is the leading provider of long-range and high performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions for Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) and rail bound transportation. Convenient and efficient RFID solutions from TagMaster NA can increase security and decrease environmental impact. Seamless integration and reliable performance records are TagMaster North America’s distinct hallmarks.