Three way bar code? Or Ménage à Trois?

   QNT CODE This week's Tag of the Week incorporates three different technologies, two of them bar codes and also RFID/NFC.

   Designed by Bret DaCosta,  it supports Microsoft Tag, the QR code, and if your smartphone supports NFC (near field communications), the label can talk to your phone.  (Disclaimer - touching your smartphone to the computer screen is not going to work.  The phone actually has to be physically near the label.)

   Notes from DaCosta:

     "I would like to present my newest creation which I have named the QNT CODE. The QNT CODE is a combination of different 2D Technologies incorporating a QR Code a custom Microsoft Tag and NFC.

     They are printed on stickers or other media that are embedded with a NFC chip.
One code is able to link to one, two or even three messages and can be used in low light areas. Scanned with any QR Code Reader or the Microsoft Tag Reader advertisers can display product info and with the NFC signal a consumer can make a purchase via their electronic wallet.

     It took me over three years to perfect the technique of combining a QR Code with the Microsoft Tag and since the Microsoft Tag Platform also allows for the creation of NFC url’s it only made sense to add this new technology as well and the QNT CODE was born."


For more information on this unique product visit or email Bret daCosta at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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