Multi-part Bar Code Labels Help Minimize Loss

Multipart-Barcode-Labels Multi-part bar code labels are useful for inventory management and asset tracking.  This type of bar code label adds an extra level of security to tracking equipment and inventory.  The multi-part tags are designed to improve tracking, prevent theft and increase the chance of asset recovery.  The tags duplicate information in various parts of the tag to reduce errors and prevent vandals from removing them. 

Companies have more and more equipment to keep track of.  Equipment can get stolen, moved to another department or accidentally inventoried by subcontractors.  To prevent theft and enforce ownership rights, equipment such as computers, cellphones, laptops, printers, scanners and other items should be “marked” with bar code labels.  Marking items and keeping records can also help in prosecuting criminal activities.

But simply marking them with single labels is not enough to deter thieves.  Using multi-part labels, bar code tags can be placed in multiple parts of the equipment.  The multi-part labels have the same duplicate bar code numbers on each part.  This way, if a thief removes, counterfeits or tampers with one label, the other labels will still be usable.

The multi-part bar code labels come in different sizes such as rectangular or circular for a wide variety of uses.  Some MyAssetTags come in packs of 4 or 5 identical parts.  The 4 or 5-part label can also have the same serial number but with a different letter suffix.  Some multi-part tags also have a main label and a mini-label which is the perfect size for file folders.  For example, a label can be placed on a vial and a matching mini-label with the same bar code number can be placed on a paper form or file folder for the office records. also has 4-in-1 Asset Tags that have a main label with custom text, bar code and number, in addition to 3 mini-labels that have just the number. This is useful for recording one item in multiple departments by placing the main tag on the item and the other tags in the paper form in the different departments.  Alternatively, different parts of the tag can be placed in different parts of the equipment.  The multi-part labels can also be used to inventory various small items, such as books in a library.

The multi-part bar code labels can be customized on the website.  In addition to customizing the preferred sequence of numbers in the bar codes, a customer can add the company name, contact number and other information.  They can add logos and graphics to the label.  They can also change the color and design of the custom text.  The bar code labels can also be designed online, and then printed on an inkjet or laser printer.  The 1D and 2D codes can be scanned from mobile phones and bar code scanners.

While the bar code numbering is sequential, each group of labels are numbered the same.  The customer only needs to specify a starting number and the quantity needed.   Bar codes can also have a letter prefix or a letter suffix in addition to the number.  The numbers are kept on file, to make it easy to reorder tags.  Aside from consecutive numbers, non-linear set of numbers are also possible by using an .XLS or data file.

The bar code labels are available in different colors such as white, black, red, blue, yellow, purple and green.  This allows for color-coding by department, asset type, by year of acquisition and more.  Black tags are the most durable outdoors while red tags are most easily seen against equipment.  The tags can also be fluorescent, to make the labels easier to spot.  The multi-part tags can also be color-coordinated with different colors for each part of the tag.

The labels are available in a wide range of label materials such as vinyl, low-cost paper and tamper-proof security labels.  Durable vinyl labels are affordable and will not tear easily.  Vinyl labels are also easy to stick to smooth, flat surfaces.

The labels can have security cuts to show if the labels have been tampered with.  Some labels can void the warranty when the seal is broken. There are also destructible labels that break into tiny pieces when they are removed, preventing vandals from removing the labels.

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