LogiBoxx's RFID + GPS Solution Keep Zava Industrial Pumping

Before implementing a LogiBoxx Certified Solution on his rental systems, Maynard had researched other alternatives and discovered that there weren't many solutions available on the market. His land-based systems are set-up to send notifications via a landline and he briefly thought about utilizing the same system for his field-deployed units. Then he discovered LogiBoxx.

LogiBoxx, integrates GPS and RFID at the hardware level. When combined with its proprietary Global Asset Tracking and Identification System (GATIS) middleware, LogiBoxx and GATIS become the centerpieces of a LogiBoxx Certified Solution.

"My land-based systems are set up to notify us via fax, but with the mobile units, it wasn't cost-effective to set up a landline each time a mobile unit was rented for a remote site," Maynard explained. "When we implemented our first LogiBoxx and got it configured properly, we began to see immediate return on our investment."

Maynard uses a LogiBoxx with electrical sensors attached that can tell him when a pump has quit working. Once a pump has shut-off, LogiBoxx sends an alert via the GPRS network; the same way a cell phone is able to transmit data. The alert is captured by an EarthSearch Technologies secure server and inputted into EarthSearch's proprietary web-based software system, GATIS, which stands for Global Asset Tracking & Identification System. GATIS can be completely customized for each user's individual needs. For Zava Industrial, the data received by the LogiBoxx attached to the field deployed pumping system triggers an alert that is emailed to a technician and also sent as a SMS message to Maynard's cellular phone.

Since January, Maynard has rented out mobile units at least 12 times. Notifications were received 3 times that the pumps had shut down.

"I lose money every hour, depending on the job, if the system goes offline and I am not aware of it," said Maynard. "LogiBoxx paid for itself on the first system I installed it on."

One instance of cost savings Zava Industrial has seen since implementing a LogiBoxx Certified Solution happened recently. Maynard was sent an alert that the pump had shut-off in a field deployed unit because the tanker was full. In the past, a technician has had to travel to the remote sites periodically to monitor the status of the tankers and pumps and refill the system with fuel. If the technician checks the system on a given day and the tanker fills up the next day, there is no way to know until revisiting the site to fill it up with fuel. Some of these sites were hours away, requiring a technician to put wear and tear on a vehicle in order to check on a site.

"In many instances, technicians would return to the mobile units only to find everything powered off and all of the pumps cold," said Maynard. "They would then notify me and I would think 'how long has this been off and how much money did I lose' because every gallon that I pull out of the ground I get paid for."

With the installation of a LogiBoxx device on mobile units, Zava Industrial now receives an alert when the pumps shut-off and is able to call on a subcontractor based in the area to empty the tank and restart the system to continue removal.

"I don't even have to go out to remote sites anymore," said Maynard. "It saves me travel expenses in addition to making my operation more efficient and providing me visibility of my remote operations so I can accurately bill my customers."

Other remediation companies with mobile systems have seen what Zava Industrial has implemented and are interested in implementing similar solutions within their operations.

"Everyone involved in my industry that I have talked to about LogiBoxx is interested in how this technology can work within their organizations," Maynard added.