ECDC's LogiBoxx RF Pioneers Wireless Communication Between GPS and RFID

Using built-in business logic and intelligence, LogiBoxx permits immediate action when anomalies occur with RFID tagged assets, whether in transit or at rest. Beyond simply locating assets, LogiBoxx enables real-time tracking and management of individual assets by wirelessly communicating with passive RFID readers, LogiBoxx Certified active RFID tags, and proprietary electronic RF seals and locks.

EarthSearch is now offering a full spectrum of wirelessly integrated RFID and GPS solutions under the name "LogiBoxx Certified Solutions." LogiBoxx Certified Solutions are innovative, customizable solutions that provide unique real-time monitoring and locating applications across industries for many business needs.

"The wireless communication between our LogiBoxx device and RFID readers and tags creates endless possibilities for this technology," says EarthSearch Chairman and CEO, Kay Aladesuyi. "When partnered with our GATIS software, a LogiBoxx Certified Solution enables real-time visibility of important assets whether fixed or mobile, creating a complete business tool that offers real return on investment and workforce optimization no matter the industry."

EarthSearch provides RF and other wireless infrastructure, data-capture and mobile solution products. These products enable businesses worldwide to improve asset management, prevent shrinkage and theft, provide safety and security, increase productivity, and deliver real-time, continuous visibility of the supply chain.

"We answer the questions 'What, Who, When, How and Why' in the logistic and supply chain information space. EarthSearch is closing the gap between Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) and true delivery of actionable data in real-time," said Mr. Kayode Aladesuyi. "Our LogiBoxx Certified Solutions are changing the way businesses optimize asset and resource management."

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About EarthSearch Communications International
EarthSearch Communications International, Inc., an ECDC Company, is a US-based business whose flagship product, LogiBoxx™, integrates GPS and RFID at the hardware level. When combined with its proprietary Global Asset Tracking and Identification System (GATIS) middleware, LogiBoxx and GATIS become the centerpieces of a LogiBoxx Certified Solution. An unprecedented business decision-making tool, a LogiBoxx Certified Solution offers continuous visibility within the Supply Chain, Logistics, and Asset Management and Control industries. Along with its integrated, patent-pending GPS and RFID technologies, EarthSearch also offers a complete line of innovative RFID solutions. Its expertise with GPS and RFID technologies, combined with exceptional support and service facilities, distinguishes EarthSearch as a leading manufacturer and supplier of real-time location solutions in the marketplace. For more information on EarthSearch and LogiBoxx, visit or