Nano RFID Printable Tags are the Next Frontier

nano rfid tagNano RFID printable tags have been created by a collaboration of researchers from Rice University in Texas and a team from Sunchon National University in Korealed by Gyou-Jin Cho. These tags would be inexpensive and easily printed as invisible, passive transmitters. By embedding tags in products, a customer would simply walk past a scanner with their entire cart while every item was rung up, totaled and charged to their account in an instant. The store’s inventory log would also update instantly according to the transaction. The technology behind how the RFID tags are printable is derived from the development of a carbon-nanotube-infused ink by James Tour, a Rice University professor. The ink is printed using an ink-jet printer and instead of using paper, the transmitter design is printed on a thin film transistor.

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Photo Credit: Gyou-Jin Cho/Sunchon National University