Track My Linens (RFID)

A company called Linen Tracker has taken the use of RFID chips to a new level.

Linen Tracker has announced a system in which, all of the linens in a hotel are embedded with an RFID tag, and all of the linen rooms are equipped with RFID readers. This system allows hotels to keep track of items that are extremely prone to shrinkage.

The tags are sewn into the seams of all linens: everything from pillowcases to towels. These tags can withstand "commercial washing, drying, and pressing" according to Linen Tracker's Vice-President, Sourcing Operations.

A fully integrated system allows hotels to keep track of all linens. This may sound frivolous, yet one of the highest costs of room occupancies are the linens. Linens cost a lot to begin with, and they have a tendency to leave with the guest. Tagging all of the linens allows hotel operators to know the exact inventory in real-time.

Not only can this revolutionary system help control shrinkage, it can help conserve the environment as well. The Linen Tracker system can use the data it's acquired and inform workers exactly how much needs to be washed to meet the demand of the following day. This translates into a reduction of wash, in turn reducing the amount of chemicals being released into the environment.

This is an overall outstanding system. Linen Tracker says that they can supply linens with RFID chips at comparable prices to those without chips.