International Travel Without A Passport! (RFID)

Recent implementation of RFID technology will allow some New Yorkers to travel to Mexico, Canada, or the Caribbean without a passport. New York has started issuing driver's licenses containing RFID chips. These chips can be scanned by border patrol in Mexico or Canada and serve the same function as a passport.

New York's Enhanced Drivers Licenses (EDLs for short) cost an extra $30 but are significantly more convenient than obtaining a passport on top of a license, especially for those who travel to Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean frequently!

RFID readers at the border control locations allow the special licenses to be scanned, and information read to allow access to the country. On top of being more convenient than carrying a license and a passport, it is much safer to travel with less government issued documents to avoid the risk of theft etc.

Don't worry about big brother always keeping an eye on you, Authorities promise that these EDLs only transmit an ID number that will allow you to pass through the border.