Keonn RFID self-checkout system for faster payment at retail stores

Keonn, a Barcelona based manufacturer of RFID hardware and software for different sectors, has introduced its new self-checkout solution, AdvanGo.

keonn rfid self checkoutLong queues at cash registers are one of the most disturbing obstacles for customers when they are shopping. To minimize payment time, Keonn has developed AdvanGo, an RFID-based modular solution that reads all the products a customer’s carries in a bag and sends that information to the point of sale software using keyboard wedge (no integration needed). The payment process is totally frictionless and much faster than other self-checkout systems. 

You can watch here a video showing how fast and easy to use is AdvanGo.

AdvanGo is a modular solution that satisfies any retailers need. It can be used for different types of self-checkout as wall mount, desktop, basket, and bag well.

Keonn recommends to connect AdvanGo system to AdvanCloud cloud-based software platform for obtaining full traceability of the items sold. This information can then be analyzed for business intelligence purposes.

When used together with Keonn loss-prevention systems such as AdvanSafe, AdvanMat and AdvanGate, AdvanGo provides a complete loss prevention system based on RFID UHF.

Using AdvanGo, the payment process at retail stores is much faster, safer and the queues are significantly reduced.

For more information about AdvanGo, please, download the datasheet.


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