Barcode Test Announces AVD5 portable verifier

Charlottesville, Virginia, August 24, 2020 Barcode Test LLC has announced their new portable display option for Axicon 1D verifiers. Named AVD5 for Android Verifier Display with a 5” screen interfaces to all Axicon 1D verifiers.

Axicon developed and released their excellent Android verifier software in 2018. The AVD5 is a complete solution, pre-loaded with the Axicon Android. The necessary conversion cable from the display’s USB mini connection to the verifier’s USB A connection is included.

AVD5 is available exclusively from Barcode Test LLC. It can be bundled with any new Axicon 1D verifier or purchased separately as an aftermarket accessory.

Barcode Test is a barcode quality specialist, offering barcode testing services, barcode quality training and consulting services.

Barcode Test LLC
3297 Woodcreek Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22911

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